Water Damage

Water damage occurs for many reasons including storms, floods, sewer backups, frozen pipes, burst pipes, and accidental overflows. No matter how your Brownsville home suffered the damage, count on Brownsville Water Damage Restoration to mop it up, sanitize the affected area, and repair the damage. We promise:

  • A fast response
  • Quality repairs
  • Attention to detail

Because speed is of the essence in preventing further damage and mold, you need a company that can respond ASAP. Our team is on call around the clock to ensure that your home doesn?t sustain preventable damage.

As a full service water damage restoration contractor, we handle the entire project from mopping up the mess, drying the structure, disinfecting and deodorizing the water damaged area, and preventing mold to removing water damaged items and performing structural repairs. We also work with all insurance carriers in Texas, so if your insurance company is involved, you can still receive our prompt, reliable service.

Our team of water damage professionals understands the dangers of working in water damaged homes. Attention to detail is a must both in terms of worker safety as well as in preventing further damage to your home.

Unless you?re dealing with a minor overflow, water damage isn't generally a do-it-yourself job. Brownsville Water Damage Restoration has invested in the personnel and industrial strength water extraction and drying equipment to ensure that your home is dried as quickly as possible.

Contact us right away and let us take the burden off of your shoulders.

Contact Us: Brownsville Water Damage Restoration, 937 East Van Buren Street, Brownsville, Texas 78520, (956) 238-4645